Travel Photos

This is a small selection of travel photos I’ve taken of some of the places I’ve visited over the years. There are still plenty of gaps to fill, including the rest of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South Wales, where I now live:

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy – Photos from my honeymoon in 2006
  • Australia – I spent seven months backpacking in Australia in 2002/3, this is just the first leg of my trip
  • Barbados – A ten-day stay for a friend’s wedding
  • Czech Republic – A bit of a lads weekend in Prague, but with a healthy dose of culture
  • Edinburgh – A single day to myself before a stag weekend
  • Dordogne, France – A week staying with friends near Bergerac
  • Iceland – a three-day charity trek in Iceland
  • London – a long weekend in London

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