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James Denyer needs a more recent profile photoHi, I’m James. My wife bought me this URL way back in 2001 and I’ve used the site as my travel diary (now defunct), before anyone knew what a blog was, and as a platform for my travel photography. More recently, I’ve switched from a hand-coded site to WordPress, just to make things easier for myself.

This site is my own exploration of the things I enjoy, the places I’ve been and that which is important to me.

I’m a bit of a tech geek, a casual gamer, a casual vegetable gardener, a casual photographer and a fan of tasty drinks, alcoholic or otherwise. I’m inspired by the likes of Tim Ferriss, James Altucher and Gandhi…depending upon my mood.

I’m English, but I live in Wales with my Welsh wife and our two kids (maybe they’ll play rugby for England, just maybe). Oh yeah, my favourite sports are rugby union and cricket, even though I wasn’t privately educated. I played rugby (badly) for a few seasons at Worthing RFC and refuse to play cricket because the ball is too hard and will hurt my delicate programming fingers.

I mentioned programming. I spend my 9-5 trying not to mis-inform managers with various reporting/programming tools. I spent three years at university studying archaeology and history for this.

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