Furlough: Day 3

April Fools Day, but there was nothing funny about it. Mostly because we completely forgot. No harm done, I’m sure.

Today was more leisurely than the previous two days. We started the day all getting stuck on a BBC Bitesize maths question. All of us. It wasn’t a difficult question (for me), but my method of figuring it out probably wouldn’t be included in the national curriculum, so I had to actually find a way of calculating the answer whilst showing my workings. GCSE maths was 30 years ago for me and, even as a computer programmer, I’ve yet to need long division and show my workings. It’s all been lost in the mists of time.

I eventually found an inefficient method of doing the division using multiplication and addition.

My next task was to create a timetable for my daughter. Knowing that she’s a self-starter, I felt that setting start times was unnecessary, so we settled for a simple checklist of subjects to work on each day. I suspect my son will end up using this method too as we’re not doing a great job of sticking to the schedule.

Personally, I managed to go out for a 5k run and spent 30 minutes practising on the guitar. I also spent about an hour trying to sort out my failing wifi connection on my PC.

On reflection, I thought I would have more time to myself, but the reality is that this is less like school holidays because I need to engage more with the kids’ homework. This has been quite tiring at times and not so rewarding. Looking forward to the weekend!

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